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Business Planning

From beginning to end, Penrod Accounting, LLC can make sure everything runs smoothly. Starting a new business involves many small details that need to be taken care of before you open your doors. Dawn has worked with many startup companies and can be instrumental in the planning and implementation process. She can also make sure your business is in compliance right from the beginning. As your business grows, so do your needs. Penrod Accounting, LLC keeps the accounting and tax aspect of your business on track for you so that you can take care of promoting your business and doing the “real” work. Dawn feels it is important for the business owner to know how their business is doing, not just trudge along to pay taxes. Proper planning throughout the year will help to ease the tax burden, while retaining as much profit as possible. Dawn will meet with most of her clients monthly or quarterly, depending on their needs. When the time comes to step out of your business, Penrod Accounting, LLC will ensure all the bases are covered for a smooth transition. Whether it’s selling your business, handing it off to your children or just closing up shop, Dawn works with you to look out for your best interests.

Bookkeeping and Payroll

Penrod Accounting, LLC offers bookkeeping services tailored to fit your needs and budget. Our packages include everything from data entry to bank reconciliations and everything in between. Penrod Accounting, LLC also offers training on accounting software packages for those of you who like to be hands-on with your bookkeeping. Penrod Accounting, LLC also has the ability to manage your payroll, from processing the payroll on your preferred schedule to making sure the tax payments and payroll returns are processed accurately and timely. As with bookkeeping services, we have various packages to suit your needs.

Financial Statement Preparation

Penrod Accounting, LLC offers both Prepared Financial Statements and Compiled Financial Statements in accordance with SSARS No. 21.

Income Tax Preparation

Penrod Accounting, LLC can take care of your Tax Preparation needs, whether you’re a Sole Proprietor, S-Corp Member, Partner, C-Corp Owner, or Non-Profit Organization. There are also miscellaneous tax filings for businesses that need to be prepared, which Penrod Accounting, LLC can take care of. Dawn has also had experience in dealing with tax resolution with the Federal and State agencies.

Personal Services

Income Tax Preparation

Penrod Accounting, LLC offers personal income tax preparation because Dawn believes there are a small handful of people who can successfully prepare their own tax returns, but that the majority of us need help. If you own a home and have a child, you may be able to get by without professional help. But, what are the deductions you are missing? With over 30 years of experience preparing tax returns, Dawn is aware of many deductions people can take and how they apply to certain situations. Once you start adding things to your tax returns, things become more complicated and the room for errors expands. A small home business might seem easy with the tax software available, but not being aware of what you can or cannot deduct will cost you money in the long run. Financial Investments and Rental Properties are portions of a tax return where many people make costly mistakes. Receiving Partnership or S-Corp income can be tricky unless you know the rules for passive income. Penrod Accounting, LLC provides the services needed to avoid these common pitfalls.

Income Tax Planning

Changes occur all the time that affect your income taxes. Dawn can work with her clients throughout the year to ensure a change in June doesn’t bring a shock in April. Getting married or divorced, having children, buying a house, sending a child off to college and various other life events will change what your tax return looks like from one year to the next. Proper planning for these changes will help ease the stress of tax time. Dawn can also work with your Financial Planner to make sure your investment decisions do not have an adverse effect on your tax situation.

Dealing With Tax-Related Identity Theft

Everyone is hearing about it and quite a few people are dealing with it – fraudulent tax returns filed against unsuspecting individuals social security numbers. This is never an easy situation, but Dawn has helped quite a few people get through this and make sure the proper information is reported.

Federal and State Tax Resolution

Receiving a notice from the IRS or state agency can be a frightening experience. Dawn has worked with the IRS and state agencies to get the best possible outcome to these situations on behalf of many individuals.


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